As a biomedical communicator, I aim to translate complex science through many visual and interactive mediums. My goal is to inspire and translate knowledge in a positive and impactful manner. Most recently, I have been creating patient education materials.

Illustration & Design

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Traditional Media

Science Knowledge

Anatomy, Immunology, Literary Research, Research Writing

3D Modelling

Maxon C4D, Blender, Molecular Maya, 3D Slicer, 3D Printing, Mold Making & Casting

Interactive Media

Unity 3D, Game Maker, Arduino, Processing, C#, Javascript, HTML/CSS

Design and Information Visualization

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator


Blender, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate

My Experience
I am a graduate of the Masters in Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto; the only one of its kind in Canada. I completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University that focused on problem solving and collaborative approaches in finding solutions to health related issues. I also have training from OCAD University in the Masters of Fine Arts stream. The combination of my educational experiences has taught me to consider multiple approaches and strive for innovative solutions. I currently work at the Service Design company Bridgeable.
Medical Illustration
We as medical illustrators, are trained in both visual media and sciences that ranges from anatomy, immunology, neuroanatomy, and so forth. Medical illustration has grown from traditional textbook illustration to include visual tools such as design, animations, websites, interactive applications, and more. We work alongside various health professionals and researchers to create visual tools in disseminating information in a meaningful and engaging way. Learn more at: Association of Medical Illustrators.