Teddy Light (Proof of Concept)

  • Created by: Melissa Phachanhla, Kirsti Langen
  • Completed:December 2013
  • Media:Arduino Uno, Bluetooth, Processing, Nexus Tablet, (placeholder images)
  • Client:Prof. Nick Puckett, Prof. Kate Hartman

Project Info:

This project was intended for us to utilize screen based capabilities with Processing and link it to a microcomputer, namely an Arduino Uno. The focus was not itself to create original drawings, so we used placeholder images for this proof of concept. The images were obtained from: Images. I completed the Processing script and portions of the Arduino script.

The video demonstrating how the application works was created by Kirsti Langen with Adobe Premiere. To take this project from a proof of concept to a finished product, we would create the final images for the application screen. As well, we have played around with voice recognition using an mp3 shield and have been able to turn the LEDs on and off with keywords. We wish to integrate this with the bluetooth capabilities.